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Kal Lavelle

    Kal Lavelle

Played on:26-Mar-2003
MP3s: I need a friend, I need a lover (2003-05-28)
Hailing form the Idyllic Dublin Mountains, Singer songstress Kal Lavelle has garnered much praise for her tour de force live shows highlighting a distinctive vocal style coupled with an edgy lyricism that traverses rock pop and folk boundaries with ease. A knack for lingering melodies and catchy lyrics has ensured her place on the rising scene.

In 2001 she entered the Ballyfermot Rockschool with a guitar on her back, a tune in her head and a strong desire to write and perform original material.
During her stint there, one of her tunes KATE won the 2FM (Radio) Jacobs Song Contest 2001 and was play-listed on 2FM.
After finishing her Diploma, she went on to tour America playing guitar as part of Michael Flatley's backing band in Feet of Flames 2001.
Deciding that the theatrical world of dance was not for her she returned to Dublin and began lending her vocals to other artist's albums such as Earthquake Hair, King Sativa and also began collaborating on House tracks.
Last yer, Kal decided to focus solely on her own material and has supported various artists such as Lir, the Alphastates and Dave Couse (ex A House). Recently she performed one of her tracks SING on Irish TV station, Network 2's ID and is fresh from playing the 2004 Trinity Ball alongside The Divine Comedy, Jerry Fish and the Mudbug club and Republic of Loose.

Positive feedback is constant and people relate to Kal's real lyrics and catchy songs. She has been compared with Ani DiFranco's folk rock style as well as the indie melodies of Pj Harvey.
She has begun to attract the attention of record companies and is currently in the process of recording a demo/EP. As Steve Wall (The Walls, The Stunning) put it, she has a"bright future" ahead of her!

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