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Richard Martin

    Richard Martin

Played on:31-July-2002
Music was never a stranger to Richard. His cousin, acclaimed Irish composer and pianist, Phillip Martin, forged a hugely successful career in the industry. As Richard grew up,he developed a positive attitude towards the business. He saw music not only as a hobby but also as a possible career. He could be one of those few people who actually enjoy their day job.

With time and talent on his side, Richard began to work on his own material. Scouting the Irish music scene for inspiration, Richard began to see how tangible the concept of a self financed, independent release could be. Although Richard admits that some of the biggest musical influences in his life, such as Guns 'n' Roses and Elton John, were themselves 'darlings' of the record companies, he could see the appeal of independent artists like Damien Rice and Mic Christopher doin' it for themselves.

With this in mind, Richard began to pen a multitude of songs. He created a versatile songbook filled with enough solid tunes for him to agonise over coosing the final four for the E.P. With the ultimate collection confirmed, Richard recruited a solid backing band who could not only hold their own instrumentally, but who could help Richard to develop his sound to the fullest.

With few alternatives at hand today, taking the independent route in the current music industry is often a difficult and constantly uphill battle. Richard launched a promotional campaign on the Irish media with his debut EP, and received airplay from local and national radio stations, including 2FM, Lite FM and Phantom FM. The EP also gained him some much needed exposure within the print and virtual media, thus resulting in a sell-out launch gig in The Sugar Club, Leeson Street, and an impressive October Bank Holiday headliner in Dublin's notorious venue, Whelans.

Although Richard admires the craft and success of today's artists such as Ryan Adams, Mundy and Paddy Casey, he also realises that there is a market for music such as his. Music that can be listened to by rock, folk, pop and indie fans alike.

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