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Songs from the Parlour previously...
Robert Blake

    Robert Blake

Played on:28-Apr-2004
MP3s: A Girl Like That (2004-04-28)
Hailing from America, Robert Blake started a tour of Ireland with a Songs from the Parlour gig in April 2004. Blake's musical and spiritual roots are in being a folksinger. He unashamedly draws from folk sources and at the same time brings a careful modern appraisal to the process.

In 1997 Blake started his own record label Same Room Records that aimsto make recordings of people making music in the same room at the same time -- an oddly original idea amidst our current era of mulitraking perfection. His 4 full-length recordings have shown the various sides of his writing. Blake has continued to make quality recordings which are played regularly on college radio stations, bedroom stereos and living room turntables coast to coast.

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