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The Stranded Circus

    The Stranded Circus

Played on:29-Oct-2003
MP3s: The Beautiful Mission (2003-10-29)
Lost At Sea (2003-12-17)
The Stranded Circus have been through many changes in recent years and have finally reached a high point in their music. Five members are now at the heart of this band, which has found a pulse that has never beat so well.

In recent years the band has played all over Dublin's primary music venues. Under various different names such as Yellowstone and Mistra. the band gigged at the Temple Bar Music Centre, Da2, Vicar St., Isaac Butts, and the POD. The Vicar St. gig saw the band reach the final of the Emergenza European Battle of the Bands competition. The band caught the attention of judges and audiences alike by securing a place in the top 5 finalists.

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